My music

Everything began with my brother.

Shortly before my 16th birthday he brought me a flyer from a newly opened music school and said: "Here, you always wanted to sing, didn't you?" - the rest is history.



I wanted to do more than just the "typical" Pop/Rock/Classic/Musical-songs. I still remember what I thought when I first heard bands like "From First to Last" or "The Used": "Why are they screaming like that? Are they in pain?". 

Today I know better. It's not pain. It's relief.


At my first live gig I covered "The Kill" by 30SecondstoMars and decided to implement a "guttural" effect and learn more about the technique behind it - false chords, fry - skills, that  are not only used in metal and rock music.


Today I am still writing lyrics, which, just like acting, is very liberating, inspiring and makes me want to share a part of it with the world.As a singer/screamer you are confronted with your own emotional state and want to deliver a message that lets people forget, but also motivates.


Screaming to me means releasing energy, that you may not be able to let out in other areas of life. Not necessarily negative emotions, but rather a scream to action. SCREAM FOR YOUR DREAM! 

Appearance in Laruzo x Eko Fresh – Money

Appearance in Hakan Gültop - Tahtalikta Galbir Var